Bethany Robinson

Bethany Robinson is a Crossfit athlete, content creator on Youtube and instagram and mental and physical health advocate. She is best known as recruit number 2 on SAS Who dares wins UK where she fought ex-SAS operative Jay Morton and carried many of the men up mountains, completing tasks with incredible mental and physical strength. She showed that females can be strong and tough and capable. She competes in crossfit and has secured podium finishes in notable events including a 1st place in Warrior league, One and all games and Strength in depth inferno. 

Bethany used to be 18 stone and struggled with bipolar affective disorder, in 2016 she struggled with suicidal depression but this eventually lead to diagnosis. Bethany found recovery from depression and eating disorders through fitness and lifestyle changes, she lost 7 stone (100lbs) in one year and turned her life around. 

Now Bethany's aim is to spread the word to as many people as possible that there is hope to recover and become mentally and physically at the top of your game if you put in the work. Her story serves as a roadmap to recovery for many still on their way. 

Bethany has worked with charities such as bipolar UK , cornwall council suicide prevention and continues to seek opportunities to support others by being vocal about her story and how she maintains recovery. 

Bethany has written and published several e-books on weight loss and training, she provides resources to help others improve mental health. She is an artist and jeweller and produces creative work for sale from time to time celebrating the beauty in nature and life. She also produces art prints that bridge the gap between art and personal development, with quotes that give those who own them motivation to keep pushing forward in pursuit of a balanced, healthy and happy life.